The Team

Our team is small, but dedicated. We’re all working on our own projects simultaneously, and developing our skills across chosen disciplines.

Zak Davids

Sam Johnson

Alana Hart

Zak is a fantastic digital artist and a budding music composer. He is responsible for producing art, music, and story resources. He’s also a talented game designer; tenaciously ensuring that game mechanics fit within and enhance the narrative.

Sam is a well-practised game designer, programmer and writer. At the moment, he produces all the code for game systems and development tools, while debating over design aspects with Zak. His dream is to own a successful games studio where he can retire from programming and focus on the finer details of game design.

Alana is a social-media and digital communities student, working on developing community engagement. She controls our social media, and answers any questions you might have. She’s also a developing game designer, and artist, who will commonly point out flaws or issues with certain mechanics that need refining.